Jones Ford Wickenburg - A head to head comparison of a 2017 Ford Mustang to a 2017 Mercedes C-Class Coupe in Ergonomics near Wickenburg, AZ.

  • Jones Ford Wickenburg Journal
  • Mar 27th 2017 - 296 days ago
  • Wickenburg, AZ
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Compared To Mercedes C-Class Coupe 2017

The Mustang’s instruments include an oil pressure gauge and a temperature gauge – which could save your engine! Often ‘idiot lights’ don’t warn you until damage has been done. The C-Class Coupe does not have an oil pressure gauge.

To shield the driver and front passenger’s vision over a larger portion of the windshield and side windows, the Mustang has standard extendable sun visors. The C-Class Coupe doesn’t offer extendable visors.